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About Tufcot Engineering Ltd

The company was founded in 1981, with the 3 directors; Len, Elvin and Michael, who at that time had a combined experience in the plastics and composite bearings field of over 40 Years.

The company has developed, but still retains its family firm characteristics and management style; and today employs over 30 people together with one of the founding directors, who is fully dedicated to the customer.

The company has seen growth by building a distribution of agents; and now supplies its components and bearings worldwide.

View of the tufcot factory from above.

Advantages of Using Tufcot®

  • High Strength/Weight Ratio
  • Natural Low Coefficient of Friction
  • 1/6 Weight of Steel
  • No Maintenance

  • No Harmful Toxic Materials

  • Excellent Bearing Material
  • Hard-Wearing
  • Tufcot® Can Be Chemical, Radiation & Corrosion Resistant

  • Machined to Clients Exact Specifications

  • Low Rate of Moisture Absorption

  • Most Fluids Can Be Used as a Lubricant

  • Exceptional Dimensional Stability, Even in Wet Conditions

The Reasons for Tufcot’s Success

Tufcot are now major suppliers to the marine, automotive, railway and many other diverse market sectors.

The company’s success is down to its ability to :

  • Supply a rapid turn round of products
  • Offer a wide range of bespoke bearings
  • Guarantee a high quality, high value product

The management believe that in order to continue this success they need to remain focused on supplying the customer with a first class product, underpinned by a first class service.

The benefits of using tufcot

Tufcot Composite Materials

At Tufcot we offer a wide range of composites including:

Tufcot® is a composite engineering material manufactured from synthetic fibres and thermosetting resins.

All grades of Tufcot® are available with solid lubricant incorporated.

Tufcot® offers the design engineer an attractive alternative to traditional materials used throughout industry for bushes, bearings, wear pads, and many more applications.

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Tufcot Flanged bushes on show.

Tufcot Material Grades

The Tufcot® range of resin systems can incorporate different additives and or fillers along with different fabric reinforcing’s to achieve the end product our customers require.

Tufcot currently has 4 main resin systems in use:

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Tufcot Ltd - Manual Machining

Tufcot® Properties

Tufcot currently has 4 main resin systems in use:

Composites are extremely versatile products that offer a wide range of properties. These properties can be applied to many different applications depending on the requirements of the user.

These properties can include:

  • Fire Retardant
  • Acid Retardant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
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Temperature Resistant Composite Materials
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Tufcot Services

We have a full range of machining services available, from Milling, Turning, Boring, Drilling and Finishing.

This ensures that any size, shape and application can be designed and manufactured to the clients exacting standards.

Our 6 Stages include:

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CNC Machining - Tufcot Ltd

Tufcot Market Sectors

Tufcot are proud to manufacture and supply many market factors in a variety of different industries!

Some of these market sectors include:

However, there are many more Other Market Sectors too such as agriculture, automotive, food industry etc.

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Tufcot International

Tufcot Engineering Ltd is an international company and a specialist manufacturer of composite materials.

We manufacture our Tufcot® composite material and deliver globally.

To cater for our international customers, we have translated the Tufcot® brochure into a number of languages including:

  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Japanese
  • Russian
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Composite materials manufactured and delivered globally


Tufcot are committed to continuous improvement, material development, engineering design & investment in the latest technology in manufacturing.

With our network of international distributors and agents we can provide a complete and comprehensive customer service package which includes advice, help and solutions.

Tufcot Scope - test rig

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