The History of Tufcot

The future is bright at Tufcot but first, let’s re-evaluate our past.

The Beginning – 1981

Tufcot was established in 1981 by three equal shareholders.

One of these shareholders, Elvin Majchrzak is still with the company today as the only shareholder and as the Company Chairman.

Tufcot® the material was initially developed at British Steel and the Tufcot owners in 1981 saw a huge opportunity to manufacture and engineer the material to many different market sectors, especially in and around Sheffield UK,  where the Company is still flourishing today.

The initial phases of the Tufcot production involved a sole manufacturing machine and a sole lathe machine that took place in Elvin, the current Chairman’s garage!

This involved three employees. Elvin along with his father Michael were proud that the Company was a family run Company and wanted to instill this into the Tufcot brand for many generations to come.

Tufcot History - The Beginning 1981

Initial Growth Stage 1 (1985 – 1996)

After 4 years of hard graft to expand the Company in Elvin’s garage, in 1985 the Company invested in a small workshop. This workshop was based at the rear of our current factory but was over 30 times smaller than our current site!

Tufcot now had five employees and three machines but were already creating interesting links with companies in the steel mills, marine and hydraulic sectors.

Tufcot attended the NEC in Birmingham for their first trade show in 1986. The owners met some very interested international customers. Many of these customers are still Key Customers of Tufcots, today, over 30 years later!

The Tufcot owners set up an international distribution network to start selling our material and products worldwide.

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The Next Huge Step (1996 – 2012)

After 10 years of growth and constant re-investment, in 1996, Tufcot purchased a new factory based only a few miles from our current site in Sheffield, UK.

This factory was 5 times as large as the previous workshop and it allowed Tufcot to purchase our first ever CNC machines and to develop our manufacturing department into a larger, more efficient department.

For 15 years, Tufcot continued to grow and expand, with up to 20 employees and over 40 machines.

The Tufcot board which now included Greg Majchrzak, current Managing Director, decided to make plans to expand our current site which would add another 1/3rd onto the size of the current site.

Tufcot was growing faster than our current facilities could handle!

Final Stage of Growth (2012 – Today)

In 2011, it was decided that instead of expanding our current site, we would be moving for the 4th time. This time we would be moving to a new site which was 3 times as big as our current site.

This involved huge expansion plans as the site needed a total redevelopment. These redevelopments took place for 2 years whilst Tufcot made the new site as operationally efficient as possible before the big move in April 2012.

This was a very difficult task, moving and re-installing over 50 machines and trying not to disrupt delivery times to our customers.

In June 2012, Tufcot was at its new home, the one we reside in today on Coleford Road, Sheffield, UK.

Tufcot now has over 35 employees and over 80 machines including 12 CNC machines.

Tufcot Engineering Ltd

Tufcot are now at a very exciting part of growth as we have plans to expand further and to target specific market sectors in order to reach the next stage of growth.

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