Tufcot has made huge strides in 2016 in many different departments from Production improvements to the manufacturing department. Tufcot has improved efficienceies in all departments but the huge success story has been in the Marketing department.

Tufcots vision is:

To become one of the UKs most successful specialist manufacturing and engineering companies, exporting to every corner of the world and earning our reputation for quality, reliability and unrivalled service.

The above vision can be broken down into 6 areas; Specialist Manufacturing, Specialist Engineering, Worldwide Exporters, Quality, Reliability and Service.

Tufcot pride ourselves on these 6 key factors and wish to maintain our impressive delivery times/on-time deliveries for aswell as our competitive pricing.

Completed Marketing Activities 2016:


  • Sheffield Chamber of Commerce membership and website posts
  • Twitter account set up
  • Facebook account set up
  • Adverts organised for 3 magazines through the year.


  • Online marketing webinars
  • Made in Sheffield awards entry and shortlisted for an award


  • HHR wearsheave joint marketing for the Oil sector
  • Joel Walker sponsored – professional snooker player
  • Quarterly marketing updates for staff to show progress


  • Rail alliance rail show in Manchester organised
  • SUBCON show at the NEC in Birmingham.


  • Tufcot Company video completed and on our new website.
  • Constant website improvements via our developer.


  • Product brochures online via Flipbook and new design completed.
  • YouTube channel set up and the Company video posted
  • External website post regarding our Lloyds approval
  • Lloyds approval achieved – new e-mail signatures, informed customers, website posts.


  • New videos of various Tufcot operations to be posted periodically.
  • Preferred Partner agreement with Teknikprodukter.
  • Increased UK sales contacts and visits.
  • Website publication via Mills CNC on Doosan machines


  • Plans for the AEUK Show in November


  • Marine manual completed and posted online via Flipbook, this is needed for our future and current marine type approvals.
  • AEUK show – contacted current and prospective customers.
  • Liaison meetings with our top customers on site in Sheffield.
  • Translated product brochures into 5 different lanaguages.


  • New and improved Technical Brochure completed ready for editing in early 2017.
  • A successful show at the AEUK Show in Birmingham at the NEC, some key contacts made.

The above list is a basic overview of the activities which have taken months/sometimes years to complete.

The Tufcot Team see marketing as a key area for future growth, companies who are static in this area often get left behind.

Our philosophy is to continue investing in worthwhile marketing investments aswell as investing in the Tufcot Team and new machinery/equipment to give us a competitive edge.

We are looking forward to a prosperous 2017!