Tufcot have seven KPI’s on which we base our yearly performance on, allowing us to also create areas for improvement over the year ahead.

Of all our KPI’s one of our most important is Tufcots On-Time Delivery Performance.

In the market sectors we operate in it is often vital that our material and our products arrive at our customers site when they are specified on the order confirmation and on the quotation.

If we provide our Customers with a late shipment, this can often mean penalty fines and potentially cause serious supplier chain disruption. This also highlights to the Customer that their Supplier is not reliable and don’t stick to the dispatch dates quoted or confirmed. This could lead to Customers looking elsewhere for their material and products, a loss of brand loyalty and repeat orders.

Tufcot have worked diligently behind the scenes to make sure that we don’t only offer competitive dispatch dates from the quotation phase but that we make sure that our Customers receive their goods on time. This process doesn’t come overnight.

Tufcot have improved our Operations Management, our investment in bottlenecked areas and improved our workforce capabilities to name a few of the improved processes.

Tufcot are extremely proud to announce that in 2018 we hit our best ever figure for On-Time Deliveries. We achieved 99.5% on time deliveries throughout the whole year. This coupled with a record level of sales made 2018 a year to remember.

2018 – On-Time Delivery Performance

Improved On-Time Deliveries

See below how Tufcot have improved our On-Time Deliveries over the years:

  • 2013 – 53%

  • 2014 – 72%

  • 2015 – 92%

  • 2016 – 97%

  • 2017 – 95%

  • 2018 – 99%

Tufcot aim to produce all of our goods within 4 weeks which makes the above figure seem even more impressive.

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2018 – On-Time Delivery Performance

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