Tufcot Sponsor Olympic Swimmer Isobel Grant

Tufcot have agreed to sponsor Isobel Grant who will be competing in trials for the 2020 Olympic Games for Team GB in the swimming category.

Isobel will be competing with the City of Sheffield Swim Squad.

Tufcot Olympic Swimming Sponsorship 2020

Tufcot’s Longstanding Connection to Isobel and Her Grandfather

Tufcot are proud to announce the 2020 sponsorship of Isobel, who has a long-standing connection to Tufcot.

Isobel’s grandfather, who retired a few years ago, John Grant was a manual machinist at Tufcot for many years and saw Tufcot progress from being a much smaller Company to where we are now.

Without employees like John, Tufcot wouldn’t be where we are now, as many years ago, we often relied upon our trustworthy ward manual machines/machinists to engineer many of our large bearings, flanged bearings and wearings.

John was a huge part of this small team, at that time.

Tufcot Olympic Swimming Sponsorship 2020

Giving Something Back to a Loyal Ex-employee

John would have frequent conversations with today’s MD, Greg Majchrzak, about the early progress of Isobel as she would often train for many hours a day to get to where she is now, at 20 years of age.

Therefore, Greg and the Tufcot team decided to give something back to a long-standing and important ex-employee by sponsoring his granddaughter for the upcoming training camp in Lanzarote.

The training camp takes place at the end of March 2020 with the trials for the Olympics in April 2020.

Tufcot Olympic Swimming Sponsorship 2020

Tufcot is Proud to Support Isobel’s Dream

Isobel has been involved with Team GB for many years and is still only 21! Isobel’s primary swimming stroke is the butterfly although she does also compete in other strokes.

We are hoping this is only the start for Isobel and her Olympic dream but either way Tufcot and all the team will be supporting her whilst she competes against the very best of British in the upcoming trials.

Tufcot Olympic Swimming Sponsorship 2020

Good luck Isobel!

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