2022 was another record year for Tufcot. We achieved our highest ever sales figures.

This is a continuation of 2021, which was also a record year for Tufcot, after the two previous, pandemic affected years.

Profit Based Bonus

Every year, every employee receives a bonus in their December pay.

This bonus was implemented back in 2017 with the aim of making everyone work together to make the Company as profitable as possible, with the end goal of a bonus based on the Company’s profitability.

The implementation of this bonus has been pivotal in Tufcot’s continued growth, investments and development over the last five years.

Although 2022 brought numerous challenges (e.g. the Ukraine war, record level energy price increases, extreme weather and raw material price increases), we have managed to hurdle these problems and grow on previous years.

Profit margins may be closer than ever due to overheads, but we wish to maintain our current customers and attract new customers on a regular basis.

As we managed to navigate through the challenges of 2022, this meant that we hit record levels of sales, more than 40% than in 2021.

This allowed our Senior management team to give all our full-time employees a bonus of £1330 which was another record for this bonus.

This bonus, coupled with wage increases in 2022 and other bonuses, meant the total figure for the year was just under £3000 for each employee.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Benefits of The Bonus

  • Every full-time employee gets the same amount. Whether you are higher or lower on the Company structure chart, this makes no difference, highlighting that everyone is important to Tufcot’s successes.

  • The Company has the same aim and goals as the employees making sure there is a common goal and aim for the year.

  • If mistakes occur, it makes it beneficial for the corrective actions to be learnt by everyone involved so that this error isn’t repeated.

  • Improves teamwork in all departments and across the Company.
Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

2023 Plans

As like every other year, we foresee many challenges in 2023.

However we are confident of achieving the levels of service and performance which we did in 2022.

A few 2023 plans are highlighted below:

  • Investments into new machinery in numerous departments.
  • Growth plans for various market sectors.
  • Working closely with current Customers to optimised their experience of working with Tufcot.
  • Making it a record year for our Charity – Sheffield Children’s Hospital.
  • Continue the employee perks from 2022.

We wish everyone including our suppliers, customers and employees an excellent and successful 2023.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High