The marine sector covers many applications and market sectors from commercial and private shipping, oil rigs and the various vessels required to support such operations to offshore wind farms and the push towards renewable energy.

No matter the application, the environment is harsh and wet whether it’s topside or submerged, promoting rust and degradation in most offshore applications.

Because of the harsh environment composite materials, like Tufcot®, have thrived in the marine market over the last decade.

Tufcot Composite Materials in the Marine Sector

Typical Problems With Traditional Materials

The biggest issue faced when using more traditional materials in the marine sector is servicing of bearings. If greasing is ignored bearings can, and often will, seize.

There’s also an added danger for the engineers if the part that requires servicing is high up on topside equipment like deck cranes.

More problems can also occur on parts that would be fully submerged or require dry docking of the vessel in order to maintain.

Tufcot Composite Materials in the Marine Sector

Why Choose Tufcot® in the Marine Sector

Whether its above or below the water Tufcot® materials offer a hassle-free replacement for traditional metal bearings.

The composite materials we produce in-house will never rust whilst being constantly in or exposed to seawater.

Tufcot®  also has virtually no water swell (less than 0.2% volumetric) when compared to other composites in the industry.

With the ability to add different solid lubricants into our resin systems, it also decreases, and will sometimes eliminate the need for regular greasing and servicing.

Another advantage to using Tufcot® is that it does not deteriorate when exposed to UV, for applications on topside equipment like deck cranes and winches. This can ensure a long-lasting life with no loss to the mechanical properties of the material.

Tufcot Composite Materials in the Marine Sector

Tufcot® is Lloyds Approved for the Marine Sector

Composite materials have become a standard in the shipbuilding industry for rudder, pintle and stern tube bearings due to their low coefficient of friction alongside the benefits listed above.

Tufcot® is currently approved by Lloyds for rudder and pintle bearings for our T100MP grade of material with more approvals on the way early 2020.

If you have a marine application that you would like to discuss with our technical team, please email and we will happily offer our services.

Tufcot is Lloyds Approved for the Marine Sector

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