To take a proactive stance and address our contribution to climate change, Tufcot has committed to the Carbon Smart Programme.  Being Carbon Smart means taking an intelligent and flexible approach to reducing our carbon footprint. Our Carbon Smart Certification demonstrates the practical actions we have taken to actively reduce our environmental impact. It clearly demonstrates our commitment to customers, staff and suppliers. Just like recycling, the Carbon Smart Certification makes improving our environmental performance part of the everyday running of Tufcot.

This year Tufcot became a Carbon Smart Blue certified business, as part of the So-Go-Eco programme through the Office Friendly Dealer Association. From the 1st September 2015 – 31st August 2016 our carbon footprint was measured as 361 tonnes of CO2e. The most significant area of our carbon footprint is attributed to Electricity and we believe that by doing installing LEDs we will continue to make great progress improving our sustainability. We’re proud to have been awarded a Blue level certification that recognises we are taking steps to address our environmental impact.

Moving forward we will implement our environmental action plan and will aim to progress to Carbon Smart Silver by demonstrating our improved efficiency.

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Our Carbon Smart Certificate