Problems Faced

There is a big push in developing alternative forms of energy generation with the expansion in Wind farms, Solar farms, Wave Power and Hydroelectric Stations, all in the race to become carbon neutral.

The technological advances and the trend for improving efficiency by Lightweighting, means increased use of composites in the construction of these means of energy production.

Wind farms and solar farms are often quite remote. Wave power generation and Hydro Electric stations, by the very nature of the equipment, demand maintenance free operation or low maintenance operation.

Being maintenance free in Hydro applications is a distinct advantage.

Renewable Energy

Tufcot Solutions

Several of our Tufcot® material grades are being successfully used in the renewable energy sectors.

Hydro Power

Our T100MP is a cost-effective solution, especially in hydro power, giving engineers a material that has low friction and wear, requiring minimal maintenance when used in conjunction with the right mating face materials in operating ring applications.

Tufcot® can also be used for lower guide vane bearings, with no sealing requirements, when used in conjunction with stainless steel.

Wave Power

Tufcot® bearings are unaffected by constant immersion in sea water in wave power generation applications.

With no water swell or loss of mechanical properties they provide a reliable solution to the bearing requirements in the various pivot points.

Power Generation

Our T100GXPL and T100MXPL grades are being used very successfully in the power generating sector.

The special composition of a low friction and wear bearing with a PTFE running surface with much higher mechanical strength of the composite structure offers engineers a complete maintenance free bearing arrangement.

This allied with the correct mating material also has the advantage of offering a fit and forget scenario in wind turbines as well as the tracking mechanisms of solar panels on farms in remote locations.

Renewable Energy


Tufcot® is being successfully used in hydro on operating ring guide strips and actuator cylinder spherical bearings.

Upper guide vane bearings typically operate in dry but humid conditions and occasional water splash benefitting from zero swell and low friction.

This is successfully reducing the power requirements of the operating mechanisms.

Renewable Energy