Customer Requirements

Tufcot are very proud to work with Blue Ocean Industries who are our Key Customer in Australia, meaning they have the exclusive rights to sell Tufcot® throughout Australia.

Blue Ocean Industries were approached by a new customer who specialises in the design and manufacture of Earthmoving Plant and Equipment that they sell under their own brand.

They were having problems finding a replacement to a popular brand of filament wound bushing commonly distributed in bearing stores.

The pricing and lead times for delivery of stock was causing problems and, despite the high price the customer was paying, they were still having to machine these off the shelf bearings to size to suit the application.

Earthmoving Plant and Equipment

The Tufcot Solution

After consultation with Tufcot Engineering’s team of product and application engineers, Blue Ocean Industries suggested the use of Tufcot® T100G as an option for use in place of the filament wound bearings that they had been using.

Tufcot® T100G was chosen due to its low coefficient of friction and excellent wear rates.

Blue Ocean Industries were able to machine these new bearings to the exact required sizing with additional grooves and holes for lubrication access.

Along with these advantages, they were able to supply these custom made bearings at a cheaper price and work with the customer to hold stock on shelf to allow for quick restocking as required.

Earthmoving Plant and Equipment