Scandinavian Friction are a Swedish company who operate in many market sectors including the ship building industry.

They pride themselves on finding the right friction solutions for the job. Their solutions are quick, flexible, long-term and customised to your challenges.

Their vision is to be the most complete supplier of friction solutions and materials to Scandinavian industry.

Customer Requirements

Scandinavian Friction approached Tufcot, as an independent supplier, after being asked to fit out large luxury cruise liners.

They needed to find a material for cylinder lug bushings for hatches and doors. They needed to be silent and smooth running as well as able to withstand the high demands of the oceans and threats of corrosive briny seawater.

Knowing that only the highest quality was acceptable they came to Tufcot and they haven’t been disappointed.

Tufcot® Products Supplied

Equally loving a challenge, we were more than happy to help.

Tufcot® cylinder lug bushings have proved to be the perfect solution.

Tufcot® is a resin bonded fabric reinforced composite bearing material suited perfectly to this application. Its self-lubricating properties increase its life expectancy, reduce maintenance needs and improves its performance.

The resins are blended with friction modifiers to improve the low co-efficient of friction and mechanical properties making it the perfect solution for squeaky doors.

Tufcot® has virtually zero moisture absorption and has an extremely high strength to weight ratio at a sixth of the weight of steel.  This makes it extremely efficient, long-lasting and the perfect material for marine bearings.

Tufcot is a hard-wearing composite material able to withstand shock loads and severe stress which is imperative in the shipping industry.


We were approached to fit out a large luxury cruise liner. Only the highest quality was expected from both the tourists, who would not want to be disturbed by squeaky hinges, and the staff, not expected to maintain cylinder bushings or be binding doors.

We turned to trusty Tufcot® and what a brilliant composite material it is consisting of strong fibres bound with a matrix material making it ideally suited to shipping.

The result was a product that lets guests indulge themselves in peace while waiters swish through doors and Poseidon; the god of the sea gnaws himself toothless without getting things to corrode.

Thanks to our solution, the shipping company avoids squeaky hinges and whiny guests while also saving valuable time and a pretty penny in maintenance costs.

Scandinavian Friction