Project Description

Tufcot® T100MP in the Offshore and Subsea Sector – Case Study

Problems Faced

In the often difficult and hostile environment of the offshore marine sector, operators need equipment and materials that have the ability to perform faultlessly and continuously without the need for maintenance or frequent inspection.

To meet these demanding conditions engineers need to design reliable equipment and select material and components that are capable of delivering the performance requirements.

Renewable Energy

Tufcot Solutions

Several of our Tufcot® material grades are being successfully used in the renewable energy sectors.

Over a number of years Tufcot has worked with engineers from many companies worldwide in the selection and often assisted in the design of Tufcot bearings in a vast range of subsea equipment.

The characteristics of many of our Tufcot bearing materials offer engineers the ability to design simplified bearing arrangements benefitting from the particular advantages of its properties.

No deterioration of physical and mechanical properties with constant immersion in sea water, virtually zero water swell, less than 0,1% volumetric, even at great depths and water pressure.

Non corrosive, non-conductive, the ability to provide insulation between dissimilar metals, high strength to weight ration which helps to reduce the overall weight and the ability to use seawater as a lubricant the removing the need for sealing in many applications, low friction and low wear.

Renewable Energy


Some of the many numerous applications where Tufcot bearings have been selected and installed are in:

  • Subsea mining equipment

  • Bushes in turret seabed anchors

  • Bushes in ROV’s

  • Bushes in subsea drilling equipment

  • Bushes in wave power generators

  • FPSO Turret bearings

  • Deck crane bearings

  • Deck winch bearings

  • Tow pin bushes

  • Chain stopper bearings

  • Lifting block bushes

  • And many more…

Renewable Energy