Customer Requirements

Manor Marine were contracted to build two pontoons for the Royal Navy to provide fuel and crew access, replacing existing pontoons in the River Tamar that were over sixty years old. The pontoons provide mooring locations for crew access and refuelling, mainly for HM ships.

The new fuel pontoon at 33m and new crew access pontoon at 19m were constructed from heavy-duty steel.

The fuel is pumped from the landside tank farm, along the jetty via the larger pontoon which provides a safe working platform for refuelling the vessels.

Pontoons require linkages that allow connections to be maintained as they rise and fall with tidal changes and these linkages, or guide arms, require bearings.

The customer required the bearings to operate in a silty inshore environment under wet and dry conditions and need to offer a long service life.

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The Tufcot Solution

The bearings were supplied in our Tufcot® T200MP material, with material manufactured and the parts finish machined on-site at Tufcot.

This material offers low friction, low wear and a long life in marine environments.

In addition, the material has high resistance to the embedding of silt particles typically found in shallow marine environments, ensuring sustained performance where other materials might succumb to rapid wear and deterioration.

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