Problem Faced

Due to the many problems associated with the finish on bright steel strip products the requirement for roll coverings, that avoid marking of the steel, was widely sought after.

Traditional metal rolls would often mark and damage the surface during processing, often leading to the scrapping of many unfinished products, ultimately leading to significant losses in profitability and time.

Tufcot® Rolls and Roll Coverings

Tufcot Solution

In order to appease several issues that come with metallic rollers it was determined that a material would be needed to be able to handle bright steel strip or other products in a gentle manner to avoid damaging or marking items.

It was also required to be lighter than its steel counterparts, to avoid creating excess strain on machines, whilst also being incredibly strong to handle the moving of heavy metallic objects, especially if the material chosen was used as a covering rather than a direct replacement.

It must also be unaffected by potentially corrosive acids or harsh environments.

The above issues lend itself to one of the reasons Tufcot® composite materials was originally invented.

It’s high strength to weight ratio meant that, although it is not as strong as steel, it still has the strength to carry up to 340MPa whilst being 1/6th the weight of steel.

This light-weighting also ensured that there is no added stress to the machinery required to move the rollers.

With Tufcot’s finish being quite soft in comparison to steel it means that there is little to no chance of marking or damaging strips that would pass down the line leading to less waste and loss of productivity.

Although not available during the infancy of Tufcot® products, nowadays with our more modern resin systems we offer a range of products with increased chemical resistance for rollers that are required to pass through acidic liquids as required in pickling lines.

Tufcot® Rolls and Roll Coverings


Tufcot® composite material is the ideal product to cover or replace your metallic rollers for the transport of goods on a conveyor, in-fact it’s what it was invented for!

Due to the way we manufacture the products, it is extremely easy to create or cover existing rollers that are either worn or damaged by extended use.

If you would like to enquire about Tufcot® coverings or complete rollers, please email us at We would be happy to help.

Tufcot® Rolls and Roll Coverings