With a long history in designing and manufacturing specialist Hydraulic Cylinders for a wide variety of applications, Hystat Systems Ltd have been successfully installing Tufcot® Bushes, Bearings and Wear Rings in their cylinders.


Building work to create the 140-metre-long Bascule Bridge over the River Ely between Cardiff Bay and Penarth in Wales started in 2009.  The purpose of the bridge is to allow access for pedestrians and cyclist across the harbour.

It also needed to incorporate a 20-metre-wide opening section to allow river traffic to pass beneath it.

Construction work was completed and the bridge was opened for Public access on July 14th, 2010.

With frequently required openings to allow traffic to pass safely underneath, the prime requirement is for the long term efficient and trouble-free operation of the bridges lifting cylinders.

Pont y Werin Bridge

Tufcot® Bearings Supplied

Harbour Bridge Lift Cylinders.

The 360 mm bore x 290 mm rod diameter x 3348 mm stroke cylinders used to lift this approximately 40 ton section of bridge are fitted with Tufcot T100G Rod bearings, the rod bearings are 305 mm od x 290 mm id x 200 mm long.

The cylinder pistons are supported with 4 off 40 mm wide x 4 mm thick Tufcot T100G bearing guide bands.

Pont y Werin Bridge


Hystat have enjoyed a long and successful trading history with Tufcot which expands over 20 years.

We have always found that Tufcot’s material quality and hard wearing compounds fits superbly within Hystat systems engineered products.

I have been employed at Hystat 8 years, and I’ve never heard of any Tufcot failure.

There are other materials out there on the market but none with the quality and pricing.

We have a great relationship with Tufcot so long may it continue.

Nick Brahney, Hystat Systems Ltd

PLEASE NOTE: We would like to thank Hystat for providing the images used in this case Study. You can visit the Hystat website here: www.hystat.co.uk