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For more than 10 years specialist hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, Hystat Systems Ltd, have been successfully installing Tufcot® bushes, bearings and wear rings in their hydraulic cylinders.

Customer Requirements

Sub-sea mining is carried out in extreme environments and, therefore, comes with a complex set of requirements.

Performance and reliability are essential for the mining company to explore the ocean floor for polymetallic seafloor sulphide deposits to produce copper, gold and silver.

Working in the hostile environment of the ocean floor over 1500 metres deep, the highly specialised one of a kind subsea mining equipment weighing 100’s of tons.

Nautilus Machine - Subsea Mining

Tufcot® Products Delivered

These Hystat hydraulic cylinders, 230 bore x 160 rod dia x 1200 mm stroke, are fitted with Tufcot® T100G rod and piston bearings to provide long term fit and forget performance in an application where none stop production is required and the need for maintenance means major recovery of equipment from the ocean floor.

Tufcot are proud to be able to provide products of sufficient standard to cope with the extreme conditions encountered in sub-sea mining.


Hystat have enjoyed a long and successful trading history with Tufcot which expands over 20 years.

We have always found that Tufcot’s material quality and hard wearing compounds fits superbly within Hystat systems engineered products.

I have been employed at Hystat 8 years, and I’ve never heard of any Tufcot failure.

There are other materials out there on the market but none with the quality and pricing.

We have a great relationship with Tufcot so long may it continue.

Nick Brahney, Hystat Systems Ltd

PLEASE NOTE: We would like to thank Hystat for providing the images used in this case Study. You can visit the Hystat website here: www.hystat.co.uk

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