Customer Requirements

Tufcot were approached by one of their long-standing customers to supply them with a suitable material that would last longer than their current solution.

The customer explained that they are using a cast polyester wear strip in a drilling system that needs replacing very frequently. Any improvement on lifetime would be extremely beneficial.

We were tasked with providing a material that would outlast and out-perform their current set up, it must also be manufactured to the current design as it would be extremely costly to redesign the machine around the wear strip.

If we could not find an alternative solution then it would continue to cost the end user many wasted hours for servicing and replacement, coupled with the financial cost for the strips to be replaced, and machinery that is taken out of service, it creates an extremely costly problem!

Tufcot’s Solution

Using our extensive knowledge of our Tufcot® materials, alongside our knowledge of other materials available on the market, it took no time at all to identify a suitable replacement material.

From years of working in the industry we understood that our graphite filled standard grade would offer greater wear resistance than their current cast polyester material. Tufcot® T100G material was offered without the need of a design change as a direct replacement.

This ensures the end user a quick and simple replacement without the need to modify their current product.


Once delivered and installed our customer reported that our T100G material was outlasting the previous solution by a factor of three!

The solution will save the customer many wasted hours and money on machine downtime and maintenance.

The customer was so happy with the solution offered, they have been back in contact to see if we could increase life even further!

We have been working closely with our customer to come up with new solutions that will be tested in the near future.