Tufcot’s Internationalisation – Translations

Tufcot has been trading for over 38 years and for almost all of these years, Tufcot has operated internationally, exporting to many countries worldwide. A few years ago, Tufcot [...]

Tufcot® Typical Applications

Tufcot® materials can be used in many different applications in a variety of market sectors, please see below: 1 - Marine Sector Deck [...]

Tufcot – Proud to Work with Hystat Systems Ltd

Tufcot are proud to have worked with Hystat Systems Ltd for a number of years. We have produced Tufcot® products for a wide range of projects including: Sub-Sea Mining [...]

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Tufcot Market Sectors – Mining

Tufcot has been working in the Mining sector for over 20 years in many Geographical areas. The primary area that Tufcot has worked in mining and for mining applications [...]

Tufcot Standard Grade T100G – Benefits and Sectors

Considered Tufcot’s standard grade, T100G is a polyester based composite grade which includes Graphite solid lubricant evenly dispersed throughout the material to reduce the co-efficient of friction.  T100G is used [...]