Singa Bearing Solutions Become Authorised Reseller of Marine Material

Tufcot and SBS-Singa Bearings Solutions Tufcot and SBS-Singa Bearings Solutions have agreed to making SBS, Tufcot’s authorised reseller of our Marine material, T100MP in the following regions: [...]

Tufcot® T400 Fire Retardant Material

Tufcot® T400 is used in a wide variety of safety critical applications worldwide. Why you should use Tufcot T400: Self-Lubricating with additives such as Graphite, PTFE or Molybdenum No [...]

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Tufcot® T100MP Marine Material

Tufcot® T100MP is used in a wide variety of marine and other applications worldwide. Why you should use Tufcot T100MP: Self-Lubricating No Maintenance High Strength to Weight Ratio Minimal [...]

Tufcot® Composite Materials in the Hydraulics Sector

Tufcot has been operating in the Hydraulics sector for over 35 years. The high volume production of Wear Rings is where the main market lies but recently an increase [...]

Tufcot Starts to Develop Structural Applications Documents

Since 2016, Tufcot has been working behind the scenes to bring forward new applications and references from a newly developed market sector. That market sector is Structural applications. As [...]

New Technical Brochure Available

Tufcot Management, in particular the Technical Department, have been working on developing a new and fresh Technical Brochure. The aim of the new brochure was to bring the crucial [...]

Tufcot Market Sectors – Mining

Tufcot has been working in the Mining sector for over 20 years in many Geographical areas. The primary area that Tufcot has worked in mining and for mining applications [...]

Tufcot Standard Grade T100G – Benefits and Sectors

Considered Tufcot’s standard grade, T100G is a polyester based composite grade which includes Graphite solid lubricant evenly dispersed throughout the material to reduce the co-efficient of friction.  T100G is used [...]