New Video – Tufcot Technical Brochure

Tufcot Technical Brochure Tufcot® composite materials have many benefits over more traditional materials such as steel. The Tufcot Technical Brochure is designed to help our [...]

Tufcot® T400 Fire Retardant Material

Tufcot® T400 is used in a wide variety of safety critical applications worldwide. Why you should use Tufcot T400: Self-Lubricating with additives such as Graphite, PTFE or Molybdenum No [...]

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New Technical Brochure Available

Tufcot Management, in particular the Technical Department, have been working on developing a new and fresh Technical Brochure. The aim of the new brochure was to bring the crucial [...]

What Are The Benefits of Using Tufcot® Composite Materials?

There are many reasons why thousands of companies worldwide use Tufcot® materials in hundreds of applications. The Tufcot Team use six key factors of why customers should use Tufcot® composite [...]

Oil Sector – Conductor Wear Sheaves

For over 5 years, Tufcot, in partnership with HHR Enterprise have been developing the WearSheave products to suit various oil rig conductors around the world. The key benefits of the [...]