2018 – On-Time Delivery Performance

Tufcot have seven KPI’s on which we base our yearly performance on, allowing us to also create areas for improvement over the year ahead. Of all our KPI’s one [...]

New Large Diameter Broadbent Stanley Purchased

Tufcot Investments Tufcot have made our biggest investment ever with the recent purchase of our new Broadbent Stanley lathe. Tufcot have been heavily investing in the [...]

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Tufcot Starts to Develop Structural Applications Documents

Since 2016, Tufcot has been working behind the scenes to bring forward new applications and references from a newly developed market sector. That market sector is Structural applications. As [...]

New Technical Brochure Available

Tufcot Management, in particular the Technical Department, have been working on developing a new and fresh Technical Brochure. The aim of the new brochure was to bring the crucial [...]

Tufcot and Sheffield University Collaboration Efforts Continue

Last year the Tufcot Management and Marketing teams made the decision to work with a local University on several exciting upcoming projects. Initially, Tufcot’s MD, Greg Majchrzak, and Tufcot’s [...]

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Tufcot Above 2017 Production On-Time Delivery Targets!

In 2016, Tufcot were very proud to record their best ever Production On-Time Delivery performance of over 97% on-time orders. This is an excellent record when you compare this [...]

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