Happy 40th Birthday Tufcot

The Tufcot team are delighted to be celebrating our 40th Birthday!

After being founded in 1981 by Elvin Majchrzak and his father Michael, Tufcot has grown from strength to strength.

40 years of hard work, challenges and growth have led us to where we are today – a global business with over 45 employees.

However, we’ve still retained the family firm characteristics and management style that we started with.

We’d like to thank all our staff and customers as we celebrate 40 great years at Tufcot.

View the video to the right to find out more about Tufcot’s journey.

How We Got Here

Our current chairman Elvin Majchrzak and his father Michael developed the material, founding Tufcot in 1981.

What started in a workshop garage grew into something much, much more. Tufcot were growing rapidly, but knew it would be difficult to expand the company in Elvin’s garage.

So, in 1985, we moved into a 2000 square feet factory on Catley Road, with 8 machines and 7 employees. Just a year later Tufcot attended a trade show to meet interested international customers. Many of these are still key customers of Tufcot today!

Tufcot were growing faster than our facilities could handle, so in 2011 Tufcot started to move to a new site, three times the size of the old one.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Here’s to Another 40 Years

Since 2012, Tufcot has been at it’s new home on Coleford Road, Sheffield. Here, the company is still flourishing today!

In 2011, Elvin appointed his son Greg and daughters Chrissie and Katy to secure the future of Tufcot.

Tufcot is still very much a family-run business and each member of the team is treated like a part of the family.

Elvin and his father were proud of the fact that we were family-run and wanted to instil this into the Tufcot brand for generations to come.

We look forward to the next 40 years as we continue to reach new heights.

Happy 40th Birthday Tufcot!

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High