A Message from Tufcot’s Managing Director – Greg Majchrzak:

Firstly, I hope that you and your family, both working and at home, are well at this uncertain time.

Everyone’s main priority at this time is to make sure we stay at home where we can and that we protect both the NHS (National Health Service in the UK) and the vulnerable family members in our society.

I am confident that, as a Company, as a Country and Globally, we will all come out of this stronger, even if that feels a long way away at this time.

Sheffield Mind are Tufcot's Chosen Charity of the Year for 2020

Health & Safety of Tufcot Employees

Tufcot puts the health and safety of all our staff members as our number one priority and always will.

We have incorporated many new practices to make sure we are operating and manufacturing as safely as possible by following our own new procedures and those from the Government. I will explain what these are in more depth below.

Sheffield Mind are Tufcot's Chosen Charity of the Year for 2020

Tufcot’s Manufacturing

Here at Tufcot we are still manufacturing and engineering our materials and I just wanted to explain why we are doing this.

Tufcot produces thousands of parts every week which are used in many areas that are included in key sectors that are vital to keep going through this period.

We need to make sure that these crucial sectors and services are maintained with parts so that everyone at home can continue to stay there and use their services as normal.

We provide parts to the Marine, Oil and Gas, Rail, Renewable, Agriculture and Food Processing sectors, it is crucial for the supply of our energy services that these sectors continue as unaffected as possible during this time.

The UK Government provided more clarity over the weekend stating – ‘Not everyone can work from home. Certain jobs require people to travel to their place of work – for instance if they operate machinery, work in construction or manufacturing.’ This includes Tufcot so we will be aiming to stay open until the Government advise otherwise.

We are reviewing the situation daily but have weighed up that, for the greater good to the key services we supply to and following the Governments guidance, we must continue to produce our parts as best as we can at this time.

Sheffield Mind are Tufcot's Chosen Charity of the Year for 2020

The Changes We Have Implemented

Please see a list of the changes Tufcot has incorporated in our premises and to our practices to make sure our employees are as safe as possible:

  • Every employee is part of a cleaning rota which is completed numerous times a day.

  • We have staggered the employees start, end and break times so there are fewer employees in the eating areas and changing facilities at one time.

  • We have half of our office staff working from home, once we get the required IT equipment next week this number will increase so only employees who need to be on site are on site.

  • Every workstation has antibacterial wipes, and everyone has their own barrier cream to stop contamination.

  • We have incorporated the Government’s social distancing stance of 2 metres, where physically possible.

  • We are constantly updating all employees with relevant information from our Health and Safety Manager and Senior Management on a twice weekly basis; we are including information about any employees who are not at work to avoid any potential misinformation being spread. We are obviously mindful of our responsibilities regarding confidentiality when doing so.

  • We have stopped Contractors coming on site and postponed all planned non-essential external maintenance until further notice. We have also implemented stringent rules to control those involved in deliveries to and from our premises.

I would also like to personally thank all our very supportive staff at such a difficult time; everyone has assisted with anything they have been requested to do.

Also, a huge thanks to our Suppliers and Customers for supporting us through this difficult time.

Stay safe.

Greg Majchrzak

To keep up to date about Tufcot and our fight against the Coronavirus, please see our weekly updated blog section here: https://www.tufcot.com/news/

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