Tufcot Wage Increase

Here at Tufcot, we are very aware of when external situations, whether globally or nationally, start to impact on our employees, especially from a monetary viewpoint.

This has never been so evident as over the first six months of 2022, where the cost-of-living increases have been noticed in every part of our lives.

Whether soaring fuel prices, increasing food prices or extremely high energy costs, it all has a huge impact on our employees, not just in terms of their relative money but also on their stress levels due to increased concerns about money.

Supporting Our Employees

We gave all employees a wage rise in February 2022, which equated to over £500 per employee, annually.

However, when discussions took place between the Senior Management team, we felt that this increase wasn’t enough to counter the cost-of-living problems seen since April 2022.

It has been estimated that the cost-of-living increase, per person, will be over £750 just up until October 2022, due to the numerous external factors which are affecting prices at present.

Therefore, from July 2022, we decided to reward our employees for getting Tufcot through the pandemic and to assist with the spiralling costs of day-to-day living, plus coping with the elevated workload levels, by giving everyone another £832 per year, on a basic salary.

This should more than cover these increased cost of living costs.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

A Busy Period for Tufcot

Over 50% of the workforce is also on overtime due to our workload meaning they will receive another 10 hours pay, at a time and a half rate, but at this new increased hourly rate!

Finally, we also implemented planned and structured double time Saturday shifts in July and August to assist us through the busy summer months!

We are doing all that we can as a company to help our employees earn, in line with the hard work they put in.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Employee Benefits

Other employee benefits include:

  • Yearly profit-based bonus system

  • Yearly HR bonus system

  • One-off Post pandemic bonus in June 2021

  • Westfield Health OR your birthday as an extra holiday

  • External events – Cubanas, The Great Escape

  • Internal events – fish and chip van on site, free ice cream van, free sandwiches, early finishes

  • Plus much more!

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Tufcot’s main aim as a company is to make sure our employees are looked after and that they enjoy coming to work.

Hopefully, this new cost of living wage increase will help through the next 6 months.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High