Since the middle/end of March when the United Kingdom went into lockdown, Tufcot remained open.

Due to our manufacturing processes and that we had an order book for customers who required urgent parts for critical market sectors, Tufcot stayed open.

This brought the Tufcot Senior Management Team many issues that needed resolving as soon as possible.

Our number 1 priority was making sure our employees remained safe while working on site, for the employees that could not work from home.

Back in March, we instantly set up a COVID team that met every other day via Teams calls to discuss the various priorities and changes we needed to make and make these changes urgently.

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Changes We Implemented

  • Social distancing – although many months ahead of the government’s guidance on this, we instantly made changes to all work areas with minimal space, making them 1 person only offices or workspaces. All desks were moved at least 2 metres apart and we had 2 metre lines implemented across the whole site for distancing rules to be met. All workspaces were also zoned off so only 1 employee was allowed in each zone at one time.

  • Signage – we advised all our employees of all the government rules when we were informed about them including; self-isolation rules, COVID symptoms, how to wash your hands correctly, 2 metre plus signs, room capacity signs.

  • Visitors and Contractors – new rules were created for both. Initially all were banned from site until we became COVID secure. Then we sent our Contractors the new safety rules prior to their arrival on site.

  • Workshifts – we initially split all employees who had to be on site into 3 work groups with separate start, end and break times so all employees stayed in their work groups, this procedure remains in place today. Office staff where possible were given working from home schedules weekly.

  • Face Coverings – For the few instances when an employee had to be within 2 metres of another employee, we advised that face coverings were used. This was a last resort and social distancing and hand washing were imperative and still are to this day.

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A COVID Secure Workplace

These are just a few examples of how Tufcot has altered our day to day working life to make sure that we are a COVID secure workplace.

As of May we completed all the necessary tasks to make us a COVID secure workplace.

This is thanks to all of the employees at Tufcot, from the Health and Safety manager to the Labourers that assisted our Health and Safety Manager.

We would be happy to invite customers back on site when that time comes again.

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Customer Feedback

Finally, we have had some nice feedback from our customers about how we have dealt with the pandemic to make sure everyone is safe, see below:

We have been really impressed about how Tufcot has managed the COVID pandemic.

The way Tufcot have responded to this global pandemic has been impressive. To maintain such high standards with minimal effects on delivery time is a credit to you all.

Tufcot made the safety of their staff their number 1 priority, this is commendable.

We really appreciate this feedback from our customers. We hope that we can continue to improve our standards and make sure Tufcot along with our existing and new customers remain impressed with all aspects of Tufcot.

Please all stay safe and follow the governments guidelines.

For more information about Tufcot, please click here:

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