The composite manufacturing sector has very niche and unique processes so “off the shelf” equipment is not so readily available.

In fact, much of the equipment we use is bespoke and developed in-house and this equipment development is overseen by our Operations Manager, Justin Krebs.

For example, we recently decided it was time to take all developments from our previous tube wrapping machines and bring them together to create an all new tube wrapping machine.

The design came from Justin Krebs with David Nixon working alongside him during the project build.

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Our New Tube Wrapping Machine

The ultimate goal was to improve on the old wrapping machines, a couple of which could date back as far as the 1970s.

Designing a new wrapping machine gave us the opportunity to consider all the elements we could improve including…

Operator Improvements

  • Operator reach
  • Working height
  • Safety for loading & unloading operations

Product Improvements

  • Cloth tension
  • Tracking adjustability for tube lengths
  • Using low-energy, high-torque motors and purpose built controls to ensure we considered the power usage & environmental impact of how we move our manufacturing process forwards

This project is now complete, and two more wrapping machines are set to be made.

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The Main Benefits

  • Extra Safety Features – The new wrapping machine comes with extra safety features such as interlocked guards, speed restrictions and extra emergency stops.

  • Improved Accessibility – Importantly, the new wrapping machine is compact which makes everything more accessible. This helps prevent body strain when working for long periods of time ensuring staff stay healthier.

  • Saves Room – The new wrapping machine also saves room for the ever-growing department. It is also easy to move around if required, thanks to being a plug-in machine.

  • More Energy Efficient – The new wrapping machine is more energy efficient thus helping the environment and saving money on rising energy costs.

  • Quick Changeover – The machine gives us a quick changeover to make a range of lengths going from 100mm up to 1000mm.

  • Reduced Downtime – The new wrapping machine was built with more off-the-shelf parts (which we stock) guaranteeing any breakdowns can be dealt with quickly.

  • Less Shrinkage and Wastage – The new wrapping machine has a new bar system to allow the cloth to run more freely which helps avoid shrinkage. It also creates a bath that leaves less waste come the end of the working day.

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