Here at Tufcot, we understand the importance of choosing the right equipment for the job.

Over the last 10 years, we have built a successful and lasting relationship with Mills CNC who have supplied us with some of the finest Doosan lathes.

In fact, in July 2016 we bought a Doosan Puma 3100 lathe from Mills CNS; our 5th Doosan lathe in 10 years.

We are continually improving and refining our products and services to customers. An integral part of this company-wide Continuous Improvement Programme involves investing in the latest and most advanced CNC machine tool technologies.
We have a long-established relationship with Mills CNC and, during this time, have made Doosan lathes our preferred ‘turning technology’ choice. Doosan machines combined with the back-up, service and technical assistance provided by Mills CNC help us reduce lead times and ensure we are able to manufacture high-quality and high-precision products.
Greg Majchrzak, Managing Director.

This has also recently been mentioned of Mills CNC’s website:

Thanks again to Mills CNC!