On Wednesday the 12th of April, the Tufcot Team took an afternoon out of their busy work schedule to dedicate and raise money for Tufcot’s chosen Charity for 2017 – The Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

As you can see by the pictures on our Facebook Page the event went down really well and we managed to raise over £400 so far with the figure growing through our Just Giving Page.

The afternoon involved a bake sale, in which employees or their family could bake a cake which would be sold off to employees for Charity. The winner of the bake sale received an Easter Egg.


Tufcot's Easter Charity Event

The Tufcot team were then split into 5 teams of 6 employees and had to create a team name in 1 minute. Elvin, the Chairman picked his favourite names and the best team name received the most points.

Then followed an Easter/Tufcot quiz, which enabled the teams to not only show their knowledge of Easter but their knowledge of Tufcot and its website. The teams were again awarded points from 5-1 for the most correct answers.

Luckily, for everyone (except Greg) the weather remained fine for the afternoon which lead us onto our first outdoor activity – the egg and spoon race. The employees had to walk (Health and Safety) with their eggs round a cone at each end of the carpark and then pass the egg, and their Easter ears to their next team mate. A drop of an egg lead to a 5 second time penalty.

The final team event was egg throwing. Team members had to remain in a line with the first employee throwing their egg to the next person in the line. Then once the egg was at the end of the employees the end employee had to get to the start of the line and all 6 eggs had to be at the finish line. This involved huge cheers and jeers as certain employees hadn’t been practicing their egg catching, meaning that 20 second penalties were given for dropped eggs! Double points were on offer meaning that the League of Eggstradinary Gentlemen who had been winning all the way were beaten by No Yolk!


Tufcot's Easter Charity Event

This lead to the main event – Egg Greg. Employees had to pay a pound per egg and as seen on the videos and pictures, employees then dropped eggs on their MD, hence the name Egg Greg! Over 40 eggs were dropped on Greg, most with the maximum impact. A great effort by all involved for an eggceptional cause!

A special mention to John and Tom who bought a cake for the Children and Staff at the hospital. To sponsor go to: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Tufcot