Our Charity of the Year

Tufcot is proud to have Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity as our Charity of the Year for 2023.

We are already at almost £1300 for the year, with our aim to achieve £5000 throughout 2023.

The latest event was an Easter Fun Day for all employees.

Easter Fun Charity Event

Easter Fundraising Events

  • Guess the Eggs in the Jar – This was 50p a go and the winner received the eggs in the jar!

  • Free Easter Egg Raffle – The prizes were all Easter eggs of varying sizes, from a Crème egg to a luxury egg. Every employee won something.

  • Easter Quiz – The whole company was split into 6 teams, where their first task was to pick the best name, with the top 2 winners getting their first points on the scoreboard for the day. The other quiz rounds were the craft round, the backwards song round, the emoji round and general knowledge.

  • Egg & Spoon Race – Each team were timed to complete a course (including wearing rabbit attire) and hurdles, the quickest team was awarded the points.

  • Egg Throwing and Catching Race – Again, a timed event, involving throwing and catching of eggs, where the fastest got the most points. Deductions in time were made for dropped eggs!

  • Coin Toss – The winners won a selection of bottles. This raised over £100 and involved getting your £1 coin as close to the bottle as possible.

Easter Fun Charity Event

A Great Success

The afternoon was a huge success and allowed us to raise over £120 for The Children’s Hospital Charity which will be added to the yearly total.

The afternoon was filled with a lot of fun and laughter, raising money and great team work.

Easter Fun Charity Event