We are very proud of our employees here at Tufcot and we make it our number one pledge to make sure our employees enjoy their work, on a daily basis.

Therefore, over the last few years, Tufcot have continued to increase our employee benefits/perks to make sure we maintain levels of satisfaction at work and to thank all our employees for their hard work.

Tufcot work very much on a JIT system where Production planning of work is key to our success and our over 95% on time delivery performance in 2021.

Below we will outline some of the key benefits we offer to our employees:

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Out of Work Events

It is often difficult to look past the day-to-day work that is being produced within a business environment and look towards rewarding employees with time out of work for other, none work events.

Over the last few years, we have had numerous out of work events, in works time, they include:

  • The Great Escape – This was an afternoon out which involved everyone taking part in an escape room, with the addition of board games and food during the afternoon. All employees took part in the Submerged game, which was great fun and helped with team building and communication skills. For more information about the Great Escape click here – https://thegreatescapegame.co.uk/

  • Cubanas – this was the first event after all the lockdown restrictions were lifted and it involved us having our own area in Cubanas, a Cuban themed bar in Sheffield. Cuban Tapas was provided along with drinks tokens for all employees. This event went very well, and it also involved our employees attempting Salsa dancing! Please click here to see more about Cubanas – http://www.cubanatapasbar.co.uk/

  • Lane 7 – this was a Friday afternoon out of work which involved bowling, darts and pool at a local bowling alley. The feedback for Lane 7 was great, with the winning teams getting extra rewards aswell! Click here to see more about Lane 7 – https://lane7.co.uk/sheffield/

  • Other Events – Other out of work events included Virgin Money lounge bowling and games as well as a yearly Christmas party.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Monetary Rewards

Although out of work events are appreciated by all employees and form part of our very extensive list of benefits and perks.

We understand that, especially in these difficult times, that monetary rewards and benefits are extremely appreciated by all employees.

We have numerous benefits that involve additional pay, they include:

  • Performance Bonus – Tufcot offer a 6 monthly bonus to all employees, paid in the Summer, that relates to attendance, punctuality, longevity at Tufcot and other factors. These are all combined and paid in one lump sum in the Summer.

  • Profit Based Bonus – This is the second yearly bonus we give to employees that is paid at Christmas. This all relates to how profitable Tufcot have been over the previous 12 months. Therefore, making sure that everyone works together to make the Company as profitable as possible and working together whenever a mistake is made. Everyone in the Company gets the exact same bonus figure.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Other Benefits

Along with the out of work events and the monetary based bonuses, we also have many other benefits which we give to employees.

  • Fish and Chip Van – in February this year, we had our first on site event of 2022, which was free fish, chips and a drink for all employees. The Frying Stocksman came to site, and we had an extra long lunch to allow everyone to enjoy their food. There was exceptional feedback about this event, not just for the event but for the amazing taste of the food. To see more about the Frying Stocksman see here – http://fryingstocksman.co.uk/

  • Westfield Health/Birthday Off – For this benefit, we gave the employees the choice of having an extra holiday and their birthdays off work OR having Westfield Health plans, which mean free eye and teeth care for a year, upto an agreed amount, plus other benefits. To see more about Westfield Health, click here – https://www.westfieldhealth.com/

  • We also provide; free bottled water, free sandwiches every few weeks, Charity events in and out of the site, free doughnuts/cookies, free ice lollies in the Summer, an extensive pension package plus many, many more!

By outlining some of the key benefits we offer to our employees, this makes everyone as efficient at work as possible and that everyone enjoys working at Tufcot.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High