Back in February 2020, before many worldwide and market sector changes occurred, Tufcot were kindly nominated by our Department for International Trade adviser for the Northern Powerhouse as an Export Champion for 2020.

We were extremely proud to be an Export Champion for 2020. After just 3 months of being an Export Champion for the first time, the pandemic hit and therefore meetings and plans were put on hold.

Supporting Businesses Growth in Exporting and International Trade

Tufcot are now proud to announce that we have been asked to be an Export Champion for the Northern Powerhouse for 2021 and 2022.

This initiative was started in the North West in 2013 and has subsequently grown to companies who fulfil a crucial role in being a positive exporter from the UK overseas.

The Champions are Companies who have successfully sold overseas and are preparing to encourage others to attempt their own exporting growth.

This involves Tufcot and other Champions being involved in Teams discussions, contributing to the DIT’s strategies on how to successfully export and assisting with advice where necessary.

Export Champions 2021/2022

Tufcot’s Business Cooperation with International Customers and Partners

Tufcot are now at the forefront of international trade and advising new Companies on how best to export successfully.

We have had export values of above 85% of our turnover for many years now and put our success down to strong business co-operation with many international customers and partners.

Although the recent pandemic has slowed the plans Tufcot has for further international growth, we still plan to make new territories an important part of our International Marketing Plan.

Export Champion 2021/2022

Growing Our UK Based Sales

Although Tufcot see our International business as crucial, in 2021/2022 we are also focusing on growing our UK based sales as many companies still use conventional bearing materials in the UK when Tufcot® composite materials are an ideal replacement material.

Our Made in Sheffield membership and our close relationship with the DIT, our local Chamber of Commerce make creating UK focused work a lot easier than it once was.

Export Champions 2021 2022

Diversifying in an Ever-Changing Business Climate

Exporting and International trade has changed over the last few months with Brexit being completed and the continued implications of COVID-19 but Tufcot are ready to react and diversify where required to make sure the Tufcot brand continues to be exposed and grow.

Tufcot have seen record Quarter sales for the start of 2021. We hope that this continues as Tufcot, and the UK, push to present ourselves to the rest of the world for many years to come.

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Export Champions 2021/2022