Later this year, Tufcot will be celebrating our 40th birthday.

This is a huge achievement for any Company and especially one that started in our current Chairman’s garage.

Elvin worked tirelessly with his father, Michael, for many years to make Tufcot the success it is today.

We have some exciting news on our 40th birthday, later in the year, so please keep an eye out in our latest news section.

A Double Milestone Year!

Another milestone has been reached this year, on June the 23rd, our Managing Director, Greg Majchrzak, celebrates being our Managing Director for 10 years!

Tufcot was a different place (literally as well as we have moved site since) 10 years ago and the advances in investment, technology, personnel, operations and infrastructure are now there for all stakeholders to see.

Greg was just 23 when he decided to take on the huge responsibility of continuing Tufcot’s growth, making sure Tufcot remained efficient yet competitive in all market sectors we currently operated in but also our plans for the future.

A Year to Celebrate

Greg’s Achievements to Date

During Greg’s 10-year tenure as MD, he has overseen the following changes and achievements:

  • Transforming Tufcot’s on time delivery performance from 53% to over 99% – Greg worked in and with the Production Team to implement the operational and strategic changes that were needed to make our Production department a reliable and efficient one.

  • Improving Tufcot’s IT infrastructure – Back in 2011, Tufcot operated our IT systems off one computer! There was no IT department and no internal and external infrastructure for IT. Within two years, Tufcot had a fully functioning network system where every employee had their own log in details and computer. Today, all of Tufcots office employees have the ability to work from home on a fully functioning cloud-based network system.

  • Transforming a basic website into an internationally recognised website – In 2011 Tufcot had an internally created basic website which needed drastic improvements. Since then, our website has been transformed into an easily accessible and simple to use, international website. This is a key factor in Tufcot’s recent successes and our continued growth.

  • Expanding to a new, larger site – Back in 2013, Tufcot decided it was the right time to move site to a site over three times as large as our old site. This allowed Greg and the Senior Management Team the opportunity to create an operational plan of the new site and make the site as efficient and operationally correct as was possible. This was a huge task as the amount of planning needed to be perfect to minimise any disruption.

  • Huge investments meaning increased machinery and employee numbers – In 2011, Tufcot had 55 machines, from a small bandsaw to a large Doosan CNC lathe and we had 28 employees. This year, Tufcot reached our highest level of both machinery and employees. We have invested heavily in our people and our machinery, making sure we have the most modern and advanced machinery possible in each area as well as investing into the training and skills of our employees. Tufcot now has over 100 machines (nearly doubling in 10 years) and 42 employees!

  • Improving Tufcot’s staff retention levels – Greg highlights this as his best achievement in his 10 years as our MD. At Tufcot, we make it our number one priority to make sure that our employees are happy at work. We spend over a third of our lives at work and so it is crucial that everyone who works at Tufcot, enjoys their job. We have a very proud record of employee retainability here at Tufcot and are proud of our employee benefit schemes like; profit based bonuses, additional hourly bonuses and many other event based benefits.

Other Achievements

Above are just a few of the changes Tufcot has undertaken in the last 10 years, others include:

  • Rebranding

  • Investing in new high-tech machinery

  • Advancing our R and D and Technical departments

  • New material creations

  • New market sector exploration

  • A start to environmental improvements

2021 - A Year to Celebrate

A final word from Greg on his 10 years as our MD:

I can honestly say that the last 10 years have been an amazing experience, allowing me to work with some of the most talented and friendly people, which has allowed me to do the job to the best of my ability.

I was only young when I took on this role, but everyone gave me the time and opportunity to show what I could bring to Tufcot as MD.

Working side by side with Elvin as the Chairman allowed me to learn about the job on a daily basis, and learn from his experience as well as all the other experienced employees in every department.

I just want to thank everyone who I have worked with, whether it be employees, Suppliers, Customers.

I am happy to have helped Tufcot to where it is today and I am looking forward to the next ten years with our excellent team.

Greg Majchrzak, Managing Director, Tufcot