For the first time in Tufcots 35 year history we have hosted an in-house liaison meeting between our Distributors/Preferred Partners and Key Customers. These discussions lasted 2 days and were split between 7 companies spread over 2 weeks.

This was an excellent opportunity for the Tufcot team to showcase our factory, machining capabilities and most importantly to discuss and share applications within many different market sectors in many different geographical areas.

The first meeting included:

  • Teknikprodukter/Scandinavian Friction (Sweden)
  • All Seal (South Africa)
  • BBS (Holland)

The second meeting included:

  • Otto Olsen (Norway)
  • PRP (Italy)
  • Kuhne Intertech (Germany)
  • Euroglide (Holland)

The agenda included items such as:

  • Application discussions from both Tufcot and the Customers
  • Tour of the factory
  • Technical discussions
  • Tufcot® capabilities
  • Quality discussions
  • Marketing plans
  • Tufcot’s future plans

This was split on the Monday night by a visit to Sheffield’s own brewery – the Kelham Island Brewery – for a short tour and a taste of real Sheffield ale. This was then followed by a meal in Sheffield before completing the discussions (hangover or no hangover) on the Tuesday of their particular week.

This was a huge success for the Tufcot team and allowed us to build even stronger relationships with our key customers for future growth!