Servicing and Upgrading our CMM

We have invested a significant sum in servicing and upgrading our existing CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine).

Tufcot have had the CMM for just under eight years, so it was very tempting to simply purchase a completely new CMM.

Nevertheless, as the existing CMM had served us so well and remained a reliable piece of kit; the decision to go for the service, repair and upgrade was quite an easy one to make.

Tuftots of 2020

The Changes Made to Our Existing CMM

Our CMM has had a complete strip down, service and re-pipe of the airlines.  Most importantly, after being re-calibrated, we upgraded the software.

This means the machine is now running the latest PC-DMIS software. The PC-DMIS software brings us into line with most of our customers and those in the wider supply chain who are also using this industry wide operating system.

It will allow us to produce Inspection & Measurement reports that appear more professional and polished, in a format familiar to many.

This software enables us to work with vast amounts of measurement data, which will leave us better placed to develop further statistical process control measures, ensuring greater repeatability of parts.

Tuftots of 2020

Benefits to Our Customers

The upgrade to PC-DMIS software brings many benefits to our customers, including:

  • Industry Recognised Operating System – Not only will the customer reports be improved, but they’ll be produced in a familiar format.

  • Accurate Reports – The new software enables Tufcot to report with more certainty on some dimensional features, which would have previously required time-consuming calculations.

  • Consistency of Parts – Due to it’s data collection capabilities, we can develop control measures to ensure greater repeatability of parts on long production runs.

  • Benefits our International Customers Our new report format makes it easier to understand in multiple languages.

Tuftots of 2020