This year, Tufcot is taking an especially proactive approach to training.

We have identified training as a key area for investment and believe that the benefits will be enjoyed by our employees, customers and the company as a whole.

In previous years, we have invested in training as and when required. This year, we have assigned a budget to a specific programme of training.

From Tufcot’s point of view, the training programme will help us improve productivity, increase efficiency and improve the quality of our work.

Our employees will benefit from opportunities to develop their skills and further their careers. It has been shown that training also leads to increased staff morale and reduces staff turnover.

And our customers will benefit from an even higher standard of service.

Everybody wins!

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Training Plan For 2024

Our training programme includes internal and external training.

We have created a new internal training structure which is currently being implemented throughout our workforce.

And we already have multiple external training courses booked for the coming months:

  • Management Training to help development our managers and supervisors

  • 2 employees taking part in CMM training

  • 2 employees renewing their Mobile Vertical / Mobile Boom Training

  • 5 employees refreshing their First Aid Training

  • 2 employees to complete Mental Health First Aider training

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Apprenticeships at Tufcot

Tufcot has a track record of developing apprentices through the business.

We currently have 4 members of our team who started as apprentices but are now fully qualified and progressing their careers within Tufcot.

And, this year, we have a new crop of 3 apprentices working hard to achieve their qualifications.

We believe that the apprenticeship system is a fantastic way for young people to develop their career whilst learning on the job.

They are able to work towards recognised qualifications whilst gaining that all-important real world experience.

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