Tufcot are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of three key pieces of equipment which will make a significant impact on both the company’s production capacity and quality control.

Following the relocation to the new premises at Coleford Road, Tufcot have invested heavily in purchasing a new 5m Press and Oven, both with full temperature recording and batch traceability functions.   This equipment ensures the continuing high quality of all strip material beyond the 3m previously produced up to the new maximum of 5m strips.    As well as in the production side of the factory Tufcots Management has again re-stated its commitment to pushing the quality standards still further by acquiring an Etalon Derby 3D CMM measuring machine.  This Machine compliments the existing range of measuring equipment held in the newly created, temperature controlled Inspection Room.

Managing Director, Greg Majchrzak commented…

“We were well aware of the need to relocate the business from our premises at Colwall Street, nevertheless gaining the extra space at Coleford Road would be little help without this further investment to boost our production capacity and importantly, our ability to provide full traceability and even more precise measuring capability.  I hope this investment underlines to our existing and future customers, that Tufcot are looking to the future and positioning ourselves so we can cope with the ever more exacting standards expected of our product and the composite industry in general”