2021 has been an exceptional year for Tufcot.

It has presented it’s challenges like every other year, but we have continued to grow our customer base and also grow internally as a Company.

In 2021 we have:

  • Increased our employee numbers

  • Increased the number of machines on site

  • Increased our Turnover from a challenging 2020

  • Reduced inefficiencies in certain, bottlenecked areas

  • Increased our customer base

This blog post will focus on 3 purchases which were all completed in November 2021.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Doosan CNC Lathe

In the third Quarter of 2021, the Senior Management team at Tufcot noticed that there was an increased demand for engineered parts of a certain size (above 100mm diameter).

Tufcot already has two CNC lathes and two Manual lathes to cover this size, however, the Senior Management Team didn’t want to just settle for our current capacity, we wanted to plan for the future with the increasing demand.

Therefore, we purchased a Doosan 480L CNC Lathe.

This new machine will allow us to:

  • Maintain the competitive lead times for engineered parts at this size

  • Increase our capacity on engineered parts of this size, therefore if one machine was to have a breakdown that we had other machines to help deal with our current demand

  • Increase our turning capacity on diameter and length

  • Increases our CNC numbers from 10 to 11. We have one Router, 3 Machining centres and 10 CNC lathes

  • Plan for future growth

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Holz-Her Wall Saw

When conducting workload and machine capacity reviews, in early 2021, the Senior Management Team noticed that there was an extremely high demand on a crucial saw in our material preparation area.

Should this saw have broken, then this could have caused serious delays to customers orders for sheet material.

Therefore, our Operations Manager, Justin, was tasked with increasing our capacity to assist in this critical area.

This machine will allow us to:

  • Increase capacity on our sheet/laminate raw material preparation department

  • Make sure, even with a breakdown, this department won’t be delayed

  • Keep our sheet/laminate lead times at a competitive level

  • Speed up the raw material preparation department

  • Reduce health and safety issues renowned with older table saws

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Clarkson Splitter

We have increased our capacity on our ring splitting department by a third with this new purchase.

This machine will:

  • Reduce the health and safety issues with the current ring splitting methods

  • Increase capacity on our ring splitting department

  • Speed up the ring splitting operation

These recent investments show that Tufcot is committed to investing in the departments where we need to invest in order to have our competitive lead times, prices and the reliability of our on-time delivery performance.

We already have a nice list for 2022 of future purchases for future growth!

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Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High