Learning at Work Week

This week is “Learning at Work Week” which takes place from 16th-22nd May 2022.

“Learning at Work Week” aims to promote a culture of learning within the workplace and, this year, the theme is “Learning Uncovered”.

Here at Tufcot, we believe very strongly in the continued training and development of staff throughout the business.

For this reason, we wanted to explain a little bit about our approach to training in the workplace…

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

The Benefits of Training

Here at Tufcot, we take the training and development of our staff very seriously.

As we see it, the benefits of training are:

For Staff

  • Improves skills and prospects

  • Improves morale and job satisfaction

  • Greater understanding of role and responsibilities

  • Opportunities to progress within the business

  • Improves earning potential

For Tufcot

  • Increases the overall potential of the company

  • Increases quality and consistency

  • Demonstrates that our employees are valued

  • Improves employee retention rates

  • Attracts new talent

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Tufcot’s Training

We carry out different types of training including:

  • Internal Training – Staff members at all levels are trained internally to improve the overall skillset of the team. Internal training is usually identified by our Production Manager and Operations Manager and this is then carried out by a senior members of the engineering team. Staff have the opportunity to work their way up through Tufcot’s structure through continual training and development.

  • External Training – We also use external training sources where necessary. One example of this is Health and Safety training such as Manual Handling or First Aid training. On top of this, we also provide Forklift Truck and Scissor Lift training amongst others.

  • Apprenticeships – Tufcot has worked with a large number of apprentices over the years. We believe that the apprenticeship system is a fantastic way for young people to develop their career whilst earning on the job. They are able to work towards recognised qualifications whilst gaining that all-important real world experience.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Danny Gilbert – From Apprentice to Senior CNC Machinist

As mentioned, we believe very strongly in the continued training and development of staff throughout the business.

All employees have the opportunity to progress through Tufcot’s “Promotional Ladder” through training and continued development.

One great example of this is Danny Gilbert.

Danny joined us as an apprentice at 16 years old. Through hard work and dedication, Danny has progressed through the company rising to the position of Senior CNC Machinist.

He has been with us for 13+ years and is a highly valued member of the Tufcot team.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Danny Gilbert – Senior CNC Machinist

Revamping Our Training System

Our training system has worked well for us over the last few years but, as part of our approach to continual improvement, we are currently working to revamp our training system to provide an even better approach to staff training.

Our main aim is to improve the way in which we identify skill gaps in the company and assess each person’s continued development.

A number of key staff members are working together to revamp our training system including Kelly Stone (HR Co-ordinator), Justin Krebs (Operations Manager) and David Green (Quality, Health and Safety Manager).

We believe the new system will benefit our employees as well as Tufcot as a company.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Kelly Stone – HR Co-ordinator