Within our latest Marketing plan it has been highlighted that although Tufcot has many UK customers we would like to increase our UK market share. The best place for us to start was locally, within the Sheffield region.

In order for us to show that we are a manufacturer of our own material and to portray this across to customers we decided to become a member of the Made in Sheffield group. This is a well known and prestigious group as only companies who manufacture and have a Sheffield post code are allowed to use this logo and market this as they see fit.

The Made in Sheffield brand is a globally known and recognised mark but also shows our local customers/suppliers that we want to show our materials and products as being ‘Made In Sheffield’, historically prestigious for making excellent quality steel and cutlery. This now reflects Sheffield high quality manufacturing in many other fields since the Steel making subsided.

Not only to Tufcot have many local customers who make use of the collection of goods therefore reducing delivery costs we also have many suppliers and links to other local firms for who it is easier to meet, contact and is also a boost to the local economy.

To name a few we work with:

  • The Sheffield Chamber of Commerce
  • Phil Geesin Machinery – New and Old machinery
  • Ron Hull – Waste
  • Office Friendly – Marketing/Advertising
  • East Midlands Saws – Saw maintenance
  • South Yorkshire Cartons – Packaging

When looking for new suppliers we always try to look locally if possible. We hope to continue this theme and build up our local relations.