Tufcot, the Company, was started 39 years ago, in our current Chairman’s garage and has grown year on year since, reaching a record Turnover value in 2019.

Tufcot’s heritage comes firmly from our home city of Sheffield, UK.

Elvin, the current owner has lived in Sheffield all his life and he has deep roots in the success and previous Steel roots of this amazing city.

Even now, over 95% of our employees live in the Sheffield region.

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Tufcot has been a long-standing user of the Made in Sheffield brand.

It is an internationally recognised brand and stands for a mark of origin and quality on the City’s manufactured products.

Tufcot® materials are all manufactured and engineered at our site in Sheffield, UK.

You can only use this worldwide renowned brand if this is the case.

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‘Sheffield remains at the forefront internationally in metals and metal products and in materials related technology.

It is home to many companies which are probably better known internationally than they are in Sheffield, world class in their own fields.

It is also home to a number of new industries in the medical and bioscience fields, creative and digital industries and much more besides.

It is said that our past shapes our future.

This initiative is intended to encourage locally based companies in the producer sector to utilise the undoubted strengths of the “Sheffield” brand and in so doing building on the past for the benefit not only of the present generation of Sheffield businesses, but also Sheffield companies of the future.’

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We are very proud of our traditions that date back to when British Steel was a world leader in the manufacture of steel.

We are also very proud that Tufcot can be named in the ‘Made in Sheffield – Capability Index’ highlighting the unrivalled Companies that have managed to use this worldwide brand.

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