Here at Tufcot, we are proud of our membership with British Marine.

Tufcot® materials are ideal for use in the Marine Sector and have been used in the sector for over 35 years.

However, Tufcot now have a Marine Marketing Plan which is a dedicated plan to the Marine sector for the next 5 years.

The Benefits of Membership

Tufcot wanted to use our British Marine membership for the following benefits:

  • Business development within the Marine sector
  • Technical support within the Marine sector
  • Marketing promotion – helping to highlight the Tufcot brand
  • Statistics and Market Research
  • Events – Tufcot have plans to do a presentation at an event in October. More news will follow on this

The key area for Tufcot and our brand recognition is that we attend, exhibit and present at the relevant events that the British Marine group hold.

This will allow us to network with the right people and make them aware that Tufcot the company and the material exists within this market sector.

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What Other Members Think

British Marine is our national body and has the power to look after our interests collectively.

The British Marine brand also adds cachet and a stamp of approval for members.

James Robinson (A British Marine Member), Marketing Director, Williams Performance Tenders

Our Goals

Tufcot have many goals which we want to achieve in this sector, they are:

  • To visit and then exhibit and International Marine Trade shows.
  • To join relevant Marine memberships to help us progress in the Marine sector.
  • To exhibit at relevant UK Marine trade shows – already exhibited at Seawork 2018.
  • To achieve more approvals for the marine sector on top of the Lloyds approval we already hold.
  • To be recognised worldwide as a key supplier of bearing material for all ship repair yards and new build sites.

We have many more plans for the next 5 years, these are just a few.

Tufcot highlighted that the British Marine membership was the initial step which will enable us to promote our materials and applications in the UK marine sector initially.

Therefore, in April this year Tufcot became a member of the group.

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