We’ve had a very busy month here at Tufcot with new equipment being installed to further improve our up-to-date high speed production facility.

Thanks to the Tufcot Management team and Health and Safety officer implementing and maintaining all the steps for a Covid Secure workplace we have been able to maintain production development and capital spend.

With good foresight and sensible steps being implemented efficiently and effectively early in the pandemic, we could continue with strong, uninterrupted business throughout the last twelve months.

All staff, who were unable to perform their duties from home, continued to safely work on site throughout the pandemic and thanks to the dedication and hard work of the Tufcot team we have been able to strengthen and increase our capacity with new equipment.

New material development is now nearing completion!

A Glimpse Behind The Scenes!

Our New PDJ Turbo Centrifugal Disc Finisher

Chris and Andy unpacking the latest version of the PDJ Turbo centrifugal disc finisher from PDJ Vibro Ltd.

This new machine will speed up and improve our rumble finishing process enabling a significantly higher quality finish at more efficient rates.

Tuftots of 2020

Our New Pattern Puller

Here you see Alan installing our new pattern puller.

This machine has incorporated up-to-date safety systems, high speed hydraulics and adjustability to keep our material production staff safe while production remains efficient.

Tuftots of 2020

Our New Airflow Oven

This is our new secondary oven being installed by Jason and the team from Airflow.

We needed something different for a new process and a cutting-edge material we’ve been developing.

Tuftots of 2020

Our Newly Developed Heating Array

Here is Dave, our Material Shop Supervisor using our newly developed heating array.

The heating array gives us a different approach to large material manufacturing for the first part of the new curing process.

This array has been developed to speed our Marine and Large Bearing manufacture, as well as to compliment our new upcoming material.

Tuftots of 2020

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