The following is a joint statement issued by Tufcot and Teknikprodukter Nordic AB.

Preferred Partner Status

Here at Tufcot where we manufacturer the Tufcot® bearing material, we continue to expand into new markets and regions. At the same time we are looking to consolidate our business within established regions in a bid to improve the level of support and expertise available to all customers.

Tufcot have a number of existing customers serving the Swedish bearings and seals market, nevertheless we are conscious that based here in the UK we are not best placed to provide the day to day contact and support those customers deserve. There are many applications for which Tufcot® is suitable, perhaps even ideal, which are not currently being utilised in Sweden.

That is why Tufcot are pleased to announce that Gothenburg based Teknikprodukter, especially within their business area Scandinavian Friction, are now Tufcots preferred partner for the Swedish market. We see Teknikprodukter as the ideal partner to help us maximise opportunities in the Swedish market and to make Tufcot® the bearing material of choice in that region.

We also believe that working with Teknikprodukter we can ensure our existing customers have a clear understanding of the range of applications for which Tufcot® is suitable.

Over the coming months we will be establishing exactly how the working arrangements between Tufcot, our existing customers and Teknikprodukter will operate. As a starting point we have authorised Teknikprodukter to make initial contact with our existing customers to hold discussions about the way forward and also, importantly, how they can help our customers in the Swedish market.

For the moment our existing customers can be assured of the same level of service and quality product from Tufcot as they have enjoyed over many years of business.

Tufcot sees customer-supplier relationships like these as key to creating a globally known brand with globally recognised materials and products.