Tufcot Management, in particular the Technical Department, have been working on developing a new and fresh Technical Brochure. The aim of the new brochure was to bring the crucial technical information to all of our customers, key customers and preferred partners in an informative way yet not losing the clean approach to our branding, something which the old Technical Brochure lacked.

The key areas of the Brochure include information on:

  • The details of the Product Brochure – includes applications, products, grades and machining services of Tufcot® materials.
  • Density – against different metals and woods.
  • Physical and Mechanical Properties – tensile, compressive strengths aswell as Hardness plus others.
  • Chemical and Corrosion Resistance – how well Tufcot® works in different acids and alkalis.
  • Radiation Resistance
  • Thermal Properties – the materials thermal conductivity and how to calculate sizes by taking into account heat factors.
  • Friction Values – P/V figures aswell as friction levels with various lubricants.
  • Machining Information – crucial for any customers purchasing raw materials to be machined at their site.
  • Installation Information – very important for end users of Tufcot® material in the end application installation and for the designing of Tufcot products.

There are many other categories that the brochure discusses relating to Tufcot® materials.

If you are still unsure on your technical query you can also contact our technical department on Technical@tufcot.com for a more in depth answer to any possible questions.

Now the brochure is complete this allows us to provide our current and prospective customers with an easy to read, brand consistent, addition to our marketing documentation.

Our new technical brochure can be found within the footer of our website, you can request a log in which will allow you to view a FlipBook version or a downloadable pdf version. For more information on gaining a Log In code to access the Technical Brochure and other documents please contact info@tufcot.com

For more information on Tufcot please visit our website – www.tufcot.com