Tufcot are proud to launch our latest company video which describes Tufcot® composite materials and the many benefits of choosing Tufcot® over more traditional materials.

We’ve worked hard to describe our composite materials in all their variations and we hope this video helps you when choosing the best material for your application.

New Video – Tufcot® Composite Materials

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Tufcot® is a composite engineering material manufactured from synthetic fibres and thermosetting resins.

All grades of Tufcot® are available with solid lubricant incorporated.

Our Range of Products

Our range of composite material products includes:

  • Bushes and Bearings
  • Sphericals
  • Washers  & Wear Pads
  • Wear Rings & Wearstrips
  • Customer Parts
  • Sheets,
  • Tubes and Rods

and more.

New Video – Tufcot® Composite Materials

The Main Benefits of Tufcot® Materials

  • Self-Lubricating

  • No Maintenance

  • High Strength to Ratio

  • Minimal Water Swell

  • Exceptionally Low Friction

  • Easy to Install

We hope you find this video informative and helpful when choosing the best material for your application.

You can confidently choose Tufcot® materials for your applications whatever sector you are in.

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New Video – Tufcot® Composite Materials

What Our MD Has To Say in This Video…

Tufcot, the material, is an ideal replacement for Brass or Phosphor Bronze in most bearing applications. Due to the materials low co-efficient of friction, its self-lubrication and significant weight saving, it is an ideal choice. We offer many different products for many different market sectors.

Firstly, one of the key products we can produce is bushes or bearings. As the material is self-lubricating it can give an improved bearing performance and an increased bearing life compared to other conventional metals. Plain bearings are the most used bearing we manufacture and the sizes can range from an 8mm inside diameter bearing to an over 2 metre diameter bearing, depending on the application required. Where there is a need for small axial loads, we can make flanged bearings which can be made to take the axial forces. For higher axial loads we can also use sheet material for the flange.

Another key product that we manufacture and engineer are Spherical bearings, these can be made with or without the Spherical housings. The Sphericals can be made whole, split before or split after machining depending on the application. If extra oil lubrication is needed, then oil grooves and holes can be used also. Tufcot Sphericals can replace conventional steel bearings or a bespoke service, which our Technical team can help with. Our Sphericals range from 20mm outside diameter upto 400mm outside diameter. Applications include; agricultural equipment, deck cranes and Hydropower equipment.

Tufcot washers and thrust bearings are made from sheet material and are ideal for axially compact bearing locations. They are ideal for preventing metal on metal contact and help prevent damage plus keeping the bearing arrangement in order. Due to having less than 0.1% volumetric swell, these are ideal in the marine sector, plus you can fit them and often forget about them due to their self-lubricating nature.

Tufcot wear pads can be machined on our Router which can accommodate pads upto 3 metres in length. Wearpads are ideal as guides for conveyors or presses aswell as wear or rubbing strips. Customers can give Tufcot their drawings to work from and we can machine holes or grooves on our Milling machines or Router.

Our Wear rings can withstand high loads and has good vibration damping characteristics. These are often used in hydraulic cylinders subject to high side loads. These prevent metal to metal contact between the piston and cylinder bore.

Finally, we can make custom parts for various applications and also send our raw material sheets, rods and tubes for a quicker delivery, allowing customers to machine the parts at their leisure.

Greg Majchrzak, MD of Tufcot

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