Tufcot Technical Brochure

Tufcot® composite materials have many benefits over more traditional materials such as steel.

The Tufcot Technical Brochure is designed to help our customer make an informed choice.

We recognise the importance of being able to give to our partners and customers reliable and accurate information regarding our Tufcot® materials.

The brochure provides a considerable amount of vital information to help designers and engineers develop and optimise their designs using the advantages presented from the various grades of Tufcot® composites available.

With so many diverse areas of industry we supply the brochure covers a number of topics.

What Our Technical Manager Has to Say…

The technical brochure provides a considerable amount of vital information to help designers and engineers develop and optimise their designs.

It indicates the versatility of our manufacturing process, the ability to be able to specifically engineer or modify the formulations to suit the application or its working environment and, importantly, the composition of the various Tufcot® grades highlighting some of Tufcot® particular benefits.

We give an overview of;

  • Tufcot® bearings typical application characteristics
  • What to see and expect
  • Where the material is being used and how it interacts
  • Tufcot® inherent low coefficient of friction
  • Its ability to work in, and use, water or water emulsions as an efficient means of lubrication
  • Potential cost saving benefits

and much more.

Illustrations are used to review, not only standard components but, some of the more specialised custom parts and applications produced in various Tufcot® composite grades.

These illustrations also serve to highlight the extensive machining capabilities available within the company, extensive investment in new machinery including state of the art CNC machines ensuring the company is equipped to produce components quickly accurately and efficiently.

We are proud of our facility and offer an open invitation to our customers and prospective customers to take a tour around the factory. We are happy to show you what we do and how we do it.

Our brochure tells a lot more of the story of the development of our material and also gives an insight into, not only the capabilities of the material but, the growth and development of Tufcot as a company.

It serves to provide a tool for engineers and designers to help in the selection of the correct Tufcot composite.

Tufcot is committed to providing a first-class product and a first-class service. We continue that commitment through our continuous improvement program, investment in R & D and capital investment in new equipment to continue our quest to be the best.

Bob Birchley, Technical Manager - Tufcot

For more information, please contact us on +44 (0)114 244 2363 or info@tufcot.com.