We recently had one of the most exciting days in Tufcot’s history when we took delivery of our new Doosan Puma 700LM.

The Doosan Puma 700LM lifts Tufcot’s machining capacity to new levels.

Additionally, its state-of-the-art software and controls give us a wider range of production methods to draw from.

This purchase represents the largest investment we have ever made in new machinery and we see this as an opportunity to become market leaders in the manufacture of large diameter composite bearings.

Key Benefits

Thanks to this investment, our customers will enjoy a number of key benefits including:

  • Larger Bearing Sizes – We now have a maximum turning CNC capacity of 1m and maximum turn and bore work length capacity of over 1.5m.

  • Improvements in Efficiency – Secondary set-ups and processes are brought into one single CNC set up and operation leading to significant improvements in efficiency.

  • Market Leading Prices – Improvements in efficiency will allow us to provide great prices on hard-to-source products.

  • Improved Lead Times – Customers can expect excellent turnaround times on their orders.

  • Additional Cover For Machine Downtime – We now have multiple machines for most tasks meaning we are covered if one of our machines experiences downtime.

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The Technical Details

One of the most important features of the Doosan Puma 700LM is that is has a maximum turning capacity of 1m and a maximum turn and bore work length capacity of over 1.5m. This means that the versatility of the machine is a massive step forward for Tufcot.

This machine will allow us to take 80% of our work for large turning rudder bearings and water lubricated stern-shaft bearings from our older, slower Mori Seiki CNC and manual machines and make huge improvements in efficiency.

Live tooling on high torque BT85 driven toolholders means secondary set ups and processes are brought into one single set up and operation.

Previously, large diameter work with grooved, milled and drilled features were turned then moved to one of our three Hurco 4 axis machining centres but keeping everything in one place reduces set up time, the need for costly fixtures and cycle times.

Coupling this to some of our bespoke inhouse designed live tooling, we believe we will be able to offer market leading prices and delivery.

Internally this efficiency is reflected by swapping labour intensive production processes for an automated cycle, meaning larger work can run with a two or three hour plus cycle time on its own. This frees up the operator to run shorter higher volume work side by side on the new mid-sized Doosan 4100mc machine which is due for delivery in August.

This second new machine will complete our new high-capacity high capability turning cell.

Watch this space for more info!

Justin Krebs, Operations Manager at Tufcot Engineering
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