Back in early March 2020, before the UK was put into lockdown by our government due to COVID-19, the Tufcot Senior Management Team treated all our employees to a well-deserved Friday afternoon out of the office.

The start of 2020 was our best ever recorded Quarter, after 2019 was our best ever recorded year!

Therefore, as a celebration we went to Lane 7, which is a new venue in Sheffield that involves pool, bowling, darts, table tennis, a bar and many other activities.

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A Well-Deserved Friday Afternoon Off

As a reward for all the employees, everyone was split into teams for 2 games of bowling.

There were also prizes for the top 3 overall scores in each game and then a reward for the top team in each game. The rewards included time tokens and early finishes on another workday and a free breakfast sandwich!

The bowling went down well with everyone and we were all very impressed by the new Lane 7 venue, well worth a visit for anyone who enjoys bowling or other activities.

After the bowling, we booked out a few pool tables where employees faced off against each other and booked 2 dart boards. The dart boards are electronic, so it calculated the scores and results per each game.

Then the rest of the employees had some food and a drink, a well-deserved Friday afternoon off after a busy start to 2020.

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Rewarding Employees for Their Hard Work

The employees who wanted to head home after the afternoon out, went back on the pre-organised coach and the rest of the employees went out to the Sheffield scene for a few drinks.

We always want to treat our employees for their hard work. Along with afternoons out of work (ideally every 3/6 months), all employees also get a yearly profit-based bonus, hourly bonuses, Westfield health schemes and a free sandwich or early finish every now and again. Making sure your employees are happy is crucial to a productive workforce.

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