The Process Department

All Tufcot® composite materials are manufactured on site at our factory in Sheffield, UK.

The manufacturing process starts in the Process Department where a formulation (created by Tufcot’s Research and Development department) is used to create the required material.

As you may know, we offer a wide range of Tufcot® material grades (e.g. T100M, T200G, T400G, etc.) and each one has its own formulation.

Each formulation is designed to provide specific properties such as the ability to cope with high temperatures, fire retardancy, chemical resistance and many more.

Once cured, the material is ready to be machined or, if the customer has ordered raw material, is ready for shipment.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Process Department Supervisor – David Nixon

Keeping a close eye on the Process Department is supervisor, David Nixon.

David has worked at Tufcot for almost 16 years; starting as a Labourer and working up to his current position.

An important part of David’s job is to work closely with Production Manager, Andrew Houseman.

Between them, they ensure that the Process Department is producing the materials required to satisfy all current orders in a timely manner.

David is also involved in the development of new patterns/mandrils to reduce costs for our customers as well as improve delivery times.

Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

Developing New Patterns/Mandrils to Reduce Cost and Improve Delivery Times

As our customer base grows year on year, we have continued to invest in new patterns/mandrils to meet promised deadlines and keep providing quick turnaround times.

Tufcot’s Maintenance team (pictured below) are responsible for creating the new patterns/mandrils which, ultimately, helps save money and reduces waste on the I/D of jobs. These savings can then be passed on to our customers.

On top of this, reducing waste allows us be more eco-friendly by sending less waste to land fill.

We currently have over 1800 patterns/mandrils in use. They range from 5mm to 1100mm in size.

Special jobs can have custom-made patterns/mandrils made up to 2.75 metres.