ISO 9001:2015

Here at Tufcot our approach and commitment to Quality Management is very clear.   That commitment has been reinforced by our recent migration to the new ISO9001:2015 Standard.

Tufcot have held ISO9001:2008 accreditation for almost ten years.

The ISO ethos has been one of the driving forces that has seen year on year improvements across the company.

These improvements have crystallised this month with the companies set of seven Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)all being in the Green Zone for the first time since they were introduced five years ago.

These KPIs are set targets the company aims to improve on compared to the previous year.

In July each of those indicators was on target to see an improvement, some were significantly above already demanding target levels.

Customers will have noticed the improvements covered by these KPIs with improvements in On Time Deliveries and considerable reductions in rejected parts.

We are aware that the new ISO9001:2015 Standard is more demanding than its 2008 predecessor.  Nevertheless, we are confident we can retain this accreditation and see its implementation drive forward yet more improvements.

The first stage of this process has been the complete Re-Drafting of the Tufcot Quality Manual.  This substantial document links with numerous other procedural and data collection processes to ensure high standards of production control, Supervision and Management across the team.

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Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High


We can provide full traceability for all elements of our Tufcot® bearing material.  We also have the facility to carry out various on-site and external testing to confirm the performance against grade specifications if certification is required.

Our standard Dimensional Control Plans are extensive enough to satisfy most customers.  Investment on Inspection equipment, facilities and procedures ensures high standards are maintained.  Where a customer requires this we have the capacity and flexibility to adapt existing procedures to accommodate most customer specific dimensional recording and reporting.

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Quality – Tufcot Sets Its Standards High

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